What Will AutoSum Do? Excel Tips and Tricks

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  • May 11, 2023

what will autosum do

Excel is a powerful tool that helps us perform various calculations, including adding up numbers in a column or row. The process of summing up numbers can be tedious, especially when dealing with large data sets. However, Excel has a built-in feature called AutoSum that simplifies this process. In this article, we will examine what AutoSum is, how to use it, and some tips and tricks to make it more efficient.

What is AutoSum?

AutoSum is a feature in Excel that automatically creates a formula to sum up a column or row of numbers. When you click on the AutoSum button, Excel will identify the range of cells that you want to sum up and insert the SUM function into the cell. This function adds up all the numbers in the range, and the result is displayed in the cell.

How to use AutoSum?

Using AutoSum is a simple process. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Select the cell where you want to display the result of the sum.

Step 2: Click on the AutoSum button in the Home tab of the Excel ribbon. The button is represented by the Greek letter sigma (∑).

Step 3: Excel will automatically select the range of cells that it thinks you want to sum up. You can adjust this range by dragging the selection handles to include more or fewer cells.

Step 4: Press the Enter key to display the result in the selected cell.

That’s it! You have successfully used AutoSum to add up a column or row of numbers in Excel.

Tips and Tricks for Using AutoSum

  1. Shortcut Key: You can use the shortcut key ALT + = to quickly insert the AutoSum formula.
  2. Summing Multiple Columns or Rows: To sum up multiple columns or rows at the same time, select the cells you want to sum up and then click the AutoSum button. Excel will automatically create a formula for each column or row.
  3. Editing the AutoSum Formula: If you want to modify the formula created by AutoSum, click on the cell with the formula, and then edit it in the formula bar.
  4. Copying the Formula: You can copy the formula created by AutoSum to other cells by dragging the fill handle or by using the copy and paste functions.
  5. AutoSum for Different Functions: AutoSum can also be used for other functions, such as AVERAGE, COUNT, MAX, and MIN. Simply click the drop-down arrow next to the AutoSum button and select the function you want to use.


AutoSum is a handy tool in Excel that simplifies the process of adding up numbers in a column or row. It is easy to use and saves time and effort when dealing with large data sets. By following the steps outlined in this article and using the tips and tricks provided, you can make the most of AutoSum and become more efficient in your work.

The use of AutoSum in Excel and the negative impact of load shedding on learners are both examples of how technology can affect our daily lives.

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